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VINTAGE 1980s LIONS HEAD Doorknocker Brooch ~ Large Detailed Green Eyed 3D Lion's Head Doorknocker ~ Rare Haute Couture Runway Brooch

From Hampton Jewelry's Lion's Head Collection - Extremely Rare Majestic Three Dimensional Lion's Head Doorknocker Brooch

We present an elegant, matte gold plated, lion's head with a large, twisted rope doorknocker which hangs elegantly from the lion head. His face is calm,  finely detailed, he has pronounced whiskers and is finished off with glistening emerald green gripoix eyes. This piece is truly enchanting, regal and resembles something from a royal jewel collection! The piece is three dimensional making it extremely impressive looking. 

The doorknocker is a statement implying 'do not trespass,' knock before entering or face the wrath of the lions! Famous designers, including CHANEL, are embracing this concept, and symbol, as seen in many of their lion's head jewelry collections. These are pieces representing the strength and courage of the lion...a conversational, bold and confident statement in these times!

This brooch is not signed, measures 2.75"L x 2.25"W.  This piece has a secure, gold, rollover clasp and is in excellent vintage condition.

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MASSIVE VINTAGE 1960s Gold Lions Head Brooch

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