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Green Eyed Pave Crystal Encrusted Panther Head Cuff Bracelet

We present one of our most exquisite pieces with gold plated detailed 'caviar' prongs forming glimpses of glittering gold against turquoise pearlescent lacquered cabochons and finished off, like a piece of art, with two bright, dazzling pave crystal encrusted panther heads. The detailed panther heads have marquis cut emerald green crystal eyes and collars made from clear, baguette crystals, adding even more decadence to this bracelet. This piece is extraordinary, opulent and very rare! Upgrade your jewelry box with this mesmerizing, designer bracelet or give this piece as a very lavish, decadent gift!


This gorgeous bracelet is gold plated, measures approx. 7"L x 1"W, has a gold spring hinge clasp and is in new condition. Additional photographs available and all inquiries are welcomed.


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Green Eyed Turquoise Bracelet with Baguette Crystal Encrusted Panther Head

$199,00 Normale prijs
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