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Chanel CC Logo Gripoix Glass Embellished Vintage Clip-on Earrings RARE! *signed*

1.21” diameter x .5”

Excellent condition

In the 1920s, Gabrielle Chanel approached Suzanne Gripoix with an interesting request for Byzantine jewelry, requiring bold glass stones of glowing colors. Gripoix glass is made by melting small pieces of colored glass together by hand. The glass is stored before use in rods of glass of varying colors. Using a torch, the glass rod is melted, then the molten glass is dropped directly into molds that serve as the jewelry setting. This was how the iconic byzantine style of Chanel jewelry was born. Chanel reproduced designs inspired by 16th century & renaissance paintings with intricate byzantine designs & the jewelry looks freshly excavated.

Highly sought-after for their unique & varied styles, Chanel costume earrings are one of a vintage hunter’s most treasured finds.

Vintage Chanel costume earrings are best recognized for the visual interest created by their contrast and excess, which fit right in with the opulent designs of the 1980s and 90s. Often accompanied by a matching ring or cuff bracelet, Chanel earrings are the ideal finishing touch to any outfit. Though earrings started to become more of a focus of Chanel costume jewelry collections in the 1990s, interestingly, it wasn’t until the 2000s that the brand introduced pierced earring designs. Today, Lagerfeld’s Baroque-inspired clip-ons are coveted by the most dedicated vintage hunters.

Chanel CC Logo Gripoix Glass Vintage Clip-on Earrings RARE! *signed*

$2.088,00 Prezzo regolare
$1.670,40Prezzo scontato
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